Second Stage ZEO

Pneumatically balanced second stage automatically maintains consistent inhalation effort throughout dive
Diver adjustable inhalation effort allows the diver to control a desired level of airflow at any time.
Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive
Adjustable Venturi Switch (A.V.S.) for simple dive/pre-dive adjustment
Inline ball swivel reduces jaw fatigue
Orthodontic mouthpiece
Paired with the FDX-i first stage

First Stage FDX-i

The FDX-i in-line design provides an improved flow rate, greatly reduced weight and more ergonomic port positioning for better hose routing when compared to the classic right angle first stages.

DVT Dry Valve Technology
Precision Cold Forged
Reduced weight
Pneumatically balanced - consistent performance at any depth
Environmentally Sealed diaphragm - cold water ready
4 Low Pressure and 2 High Pressure Ports
Angled ports for ideal hose routing
Improved flow rate over standard right angle first stages.
Price : AED 2995-AED Order Now
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